Premium LMS technical support – guaranteed

Dokeos delivers experienced technical support for all of your eLearning needs.

Building an effective eLearning program can be challenging. That’s why  we’re ready to help.  Dokeos Tech Support helps you to solve the problems (functional and technical) associated with the use of all components and modules that we have designed and implemented for you. Guaranteed.

We’re ready to answer all questions and handle all requests in the shortest possible time, ensuring that your programs are online and available at all times.

Technical support for all usage levels

德甲凯时kb88Dokeos provides you with support at all levels of use and management of the DOKEOS ELEARNING SUITE. We also provide a range of Service Level Agreements (SLA) that match your needs and organizational requirements:

  • Interactive online services and access for course participants to information;
  • Management of learning content – creation, storage, access to resources;
  • Organization of the platform and its components;
  • Course participant content management (information on participants, progress monitoring);
  • Tools and services – messaging systems, blogs, forums, discussion groups

Dokeos elearning consultants are at your service

Our consultants are ready to help you manage the DOKEOS eLEARNING SUITE德甲凯时kb88 and maximize your eLearning programs. We help you with program setup, deployment and implementation, and management, including training your trainers.

To learn more about Dokeos Tech Support, Contact Us.


Need support to create your elearning content? Check our Dokeos Production services.

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